Trusted Referrals

The Law Office of Brian Bouffard is no longer accepting new cases, but please consider contacting any of the outstanding attorneys below for your legal needs – all are known and trusted by Brian and are listed in alphabetical order.

Military Courts-Martial and Administrative Discharge Matters
Don King
King Military Law
(619) 289-8286

Patrick Korody
Korody Law, P.A.
(904) 383-7261

Brian Magee
Hafemann Magee Thomas
(912) 221-4441

Patrick McLain
Law Office of Patrick J. McLain
(214) 238-9392

Phillip Stackhouse
Phillip Stackhouse, Attorney
(760) 456-5386

Jocelyn Stewart
Law Office of Jocelyn C. Stewart
(888) 469-2260

Colby Vokey
Colby Vokey, Military Trial Lawyer
(214) 697-0274

Civil Plaintiff’s Representation – Personal Injury Cases
Natherral Washington
The W Firm
(817) 339-1406

Coby Wooten
Coby L. Wooten, Attorney at Law, P.C.
(877) 790-3618

Parole Issues
Dale Heisch
Law Office of Dale Heisch
(817) 808-6353

Criminal Cases in Texas State Courts
Russell Rowe
(817) 921-6000

Harmony Schuerman
HMS Law – Criminal Defense
(817) 406-8665

Criminal Cases in Federal Courts
Julya Billhymer
Law Office of Julya Billhymer
(817) 927-0199

White Collar Criminal Defense (State and Federal)
Joshua Ross
Cantey Hanger, LLP
(817) 877-2854

Juvenile Cases, Municipal Cases, and Traffic Tickets
Virginia Carter
Virginia Carter, Attorney at Law
(817) 877-5151

Family Law / Divorce / Child Custody / Wills
William D. Pruett
The Cowtown Lawyer
(817) 489-9877