Sexual Assault Cases

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In the mind of the general public there is little room for sympathy or leniency for a person charged with a sex crime. So it is extremely important to immediately seek legal counsel from an experienced criminal defense lawyer to make sure that your right to fair treatment under the law is secured. No matter how ugly or serious the charge, you are innocent until proven guilty. I fight to make sure no one forgets that, even for one second.

Sexual Assault is commonly known as rape, but can include acts other than sexual intercourse. A victim and offender can be the same or different genders. Some ways in which a sexual act can rise to the level of a sexual assault is by the offender using force or violence, threatening force or violence against the victim or another person, or by committing the act with a person who is unconscious, mentally disabled, impaired by the offender’s action, or unaware. Sexual assault can also occur by basis of the relationship between the offender and the victim, such as a public servant who coerces a citizen, a health provider who coerces a patient or former patient, a clergyman who coerces a member of his congregation, or an employee of a residential facility upon a resident. Sexual assault also includes such acts upon a child under 17 years of age.

Aggravated Sexual Assault involves the same type of acts above, but involves the infliction of serious bodily injury or the threat of serious bodily injury or death. Use of a deadly weapon, acting in concert with others to commit the act, or administering drugs such as GHB or rohypnol to the victim also can transform a sexual assault into an aggravated sexual assault. Aggravated sexual assault also includes such acts upon a child under 14 years of age, or upon an elderly or disabled individual.

Other commonly charged sex crimes include Public Lewdness, Indecent Exposure, Improper Photography, Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student, and various crimes against children, such as Indecency With a Child, Continuous Sexual Abuse of Young Child or Children, Possessing Child Pornography, and Online Solicitation of a Minor.

A conviction for any sex crime can carry a lifetime of negative consequences. Sex offender registration is required in every state for most sex crimes. A sex offender often is barred from living in neighborhoods close to schools or playgrounds. A person’s personal and professional reputation will be ruined, jobs lost, and family relationships destroyed.

All too often, sex crime allegations are the result of personal anger between individuals. For example, in some bitterly hostile divorce cases, one parent sometimes makes up false sex crime allegations to harm the other parent. In these cases, Child Protective Services (CPS) is still required by law to investigate sex offense allegations against children and report their conclusions to law enforcement. The investigation may be conducted by a zealous and biased investigator, and can last weeks and months before the outcome is known. The allegations may be based entirely on the word of a young and impressionable child who is living under the constant influence of that hostile parent seeking advantage in the divorce.

Having an experienced, dedicated attorney on your side during this period can make all the difference. As an experienced sex crimes defense attorney and former CPS investigator, I will aggressively prepare your defense by interviewing witnesses and gathering information early in the investigation. Presenting the prosecutor with convincing proof of innocence can often result in a decision not to file charges.

If you or a family member have been arrested or charged with any sex crime, I can help you. Call me or email me directly from this page. Your initial consultation will be free of charge.