Interviewed on Military Justice Podcast

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I was honored to be interviewed by my good friend LtCol James Weirick, USMC (Ret.) earlier this month on his excellent fledgling podcast, “Military Justice.” We were discussing issues surrounding unlawful command influence, which I have seen far too much of in my days as a military defense attorney, both on and off active duty. It was a great discussion, and I hope to be invited back for a deeper dive into some of the topics on which we only had time to hit the wave tops.

Please enjoy Military Justice, Episode 3.

More generally, I enthusiastically recommend podcasts as a fantastic way to occupy your attention during a commute or flight. The iPhone has a native podcast app, and I’m sure Android and other major providers do as well. They are free (although many are ad-based) and you can find them on every topic imaginable. Check this platform out and subscribe to those podcasts that interest you – you’ll be glad you did.